Understanding the consumer is at the core of our work at Kuudes. All our work is built on exceptional insight into the changing emotions and needs of the consumer. We believe the trend with informed consumption is the most relevant and impactful trend at the moment, re-shaping all industries, affecting all brands.

Why do we need consumer insight?

As a starting point for our insights work, we have conducted in-depth consumer studies in both Finland and Sweden. These The Informed Consumer studies provide us with a unique understanding of the values and attitudes as well as the trends that shape the consumption choices of the consumers in these markets. Additionally, they provide us with comparative data on how these countries differ – which they do in many aspects.

Our studies combine a broad quantitative study, qualitative home-interviews with a wider societal context about emerging societal changes through cooperation with academic professionals in both Finland and Sweden.

The data from our studies in both Sweden and Finland provide us with findings that with the expertise of our insights team can be customized to different branches, brands, products and services. We have a solid knowledge on how to implement data from the Informed Consumer studies in the following type of projects:

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Publication of our study “8 windows on the future”
in association with TNS Gallup


Start of our study: “The Informed Consumer”
Qualitative interviews x 38 and quantitative
research n=1100


Release of “The Informed Consumer”


Publication in the International
Journal of Marketing Studies

December - January

Qualitative interviews x 8


Publication in Kuluttajatutkimus.Nyt


Release of first update


Quantitative research n=1100,
Qualitative interviews x 9


Release of second update

May 2016 - January 2017

“The Informed Consumer” in Sweden
Quantitative research n=1100,
Qualitative interviews x 30

The Kuudes Concept Lab is a customising workshop package for businesses seeking to accelerate their concept development processes and make their concepts more customer-oriented. The workshops focus on customers and come to grips with their everyday lives using our Aware consumer tool and ethnographic research methods.

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