Finnish consumers changed the name of the game

May 27, 2016

In 2014, Kuudes Kerros released the findings of a nation-wide study about what motivates conscious consumption. This year it was time for an update. Even though future forecasting is very much a part of our daily work routine, the dramatic change we’ve discovered during the survey conducted, has been remarkable and surprising.

Predictable trends from 2014 have largely been realized, but the economic and social situation has resulted in a surprisingly steep polarization.

Some consumer groups have been consistent in their uncompromising standards when it comes to responsible consumption, demanding perhaps even a little bit more from brands and themselves.

At the same time others have been feeling inconsolable insecurity, which has been steering consumer behavior into a collective resistance of change, extreme price-awareness, digital resistance, and ultimately direct stagnation.

The perception of price and quality is also changing. New features have been  added to the concept of premium and consumers have become skeptical of the traditional symbols of quality. People are also finding amazing and creative ways to combine collective efforts of responsibility.

The rules of the game have changed. On the 2nd of June 2016 we will be releasing the results of our latest study, and share with you the part consumers are expecting you to play.

Saara Järvinen, Insight Specialist & Designer, Kuudes Helsinki