Stockholm Trend safari

October 2, 2017

In our Trend safari we take you on a customised guided tour in Stockholm to investigate recent disruptions to your field of business – in the real world. Together we will explore how these new services and spaces are catering new values and needs to customer segments’ that are of interest to your company. You will leave with a deeper understanding of both relevant mega trends and with insights about your customers; inspiring new opportunities to serve them better.

Thanks to our deep understanding of Swedish consumers we have been able to gather a few examples from in and around Stockholm reflecting on these consumers’ interests and behaviour around the three main trends; Significance, Self-importance and Moderation.



In the past, we used to define and defy our norms through religion and social classes. The role of these have become very small in the North now, and especially in Sweden. However, our need to understand where we belong and what our purpose is hasn’t disappeared, but instead we look for significance in our consumption choices.


Urban Deli has a wide range of locally produced and organic food, and offers transparency both through communication and packaging as well as visualising the raw products in-store.


Le Violon Dingue works with transparency of the production process in a different way, by letting the customers take a look into the bakery side. They can also buy the flour that’s used by the bakery, if they decide to bake themselves next time.


Mårda bread bag is a product that offers an easy way to make life longer for fresh bread, made from recycled fabric.


Both Matapoteket and Mahalo serves plant-based and healthy options for lunch, coffee and take-away, something that makes a healthy lifestyle easier to live up to.


Traditional cheese shop and bar at Ostbutiken, that offers a selection of cheese from Europe in a very authentic setting.


By offering low percentage and non-alcoholic beers and drinks, Folkölsbutiken gives the customers more options and availability and puts them in control of choosing.



We value the ambitious, strong individual. We strive to be unique but hectic life forces us to go for pre-made individuality that matches the style of our peers. Self-importance is about consumption being a way of self-expression and a way to relate to a preferred reference group.


Products from Nordic Superfood puts the consumer in charge of their health and diets and opens up for creativity in cooking and eating.


Particular food can be used as a medicine and improve our lives. At Cleansing Days customers can choose between short term fixes around their health as well as long-term changes and a trendy lifestyle.


Café Pascal is one of the most popular places for lunch and weekend hangouts, where people spend hours enjoying cold drip coffee and sourdough bread meeting up with friends.


Extremely photo-friendly food and drinks and a concept store selling interior details and coffee table books offers the perfect combination for a creative but mainstream customer, at Snickarbacken 7.


Independent juicebars are popping up all around the city. At juiceverket they serve freshly squeezed juices of all kinds, that can be consumed as a replacement for lunch or just complimenting a regular meal.


Unique looking mass-products that comes in many different shapes, but in one classic flavour; liquorice.

Services like home deliveries gives the customers time to focus on what’s important in their lives instead of spending time on boring routine activities.



The North has undergone a fast shift from societies with tight communities to an extremely individualistic culture. Consumption is also a way to seek security in the middle of external changes; we buy what we are used to buying, and solid long relationships with brands and products make our lives easier.

Grow at home, pickle vegetables and store your dry commodities in the best possible way. At Sally Voltaire & systrar they sell a wide range of products that makes this easier to do, to reduce food waste.


At Ulriksdal Slottsträdgård you can only pick whatever is in season, and at a “self-service-price” forcing the customers to make sustainable choices.


Distinctive packaging and clear communication at Paradiset grocery store, makes buying products and brands we recognise easier.


Stockholm Trend safari example by Leena Fredriksson, Trend Specialist, Designer / Kuudes Helsinki & Johanna Westin, Concept Designer /Kuudes Stockholm

Photographs: Leena Fredriksson, Trend Specialist, Designer, Kuudes Helsinki

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