Learning from emerging future possibilities

March 8, 2018


The idea of searching for trends in order to gain a glimpse of the future has become irrelevant. The gap between the now and the future has narrowed down to being so small, that it is safe to say, the future is now. The speed of change has impacted us so, that guessing what lies around corner has been replaced by the need of actively creating and defining the future.

It has been said, that we are living the times where the visionary and bold companies thrive. We here in Kuudes think, that the companies who have the curiosity and openness to explore people’s values, motives and hopes, get rewarded.

Companies, who are actively willing to try to define what kind of world they and their customers want to live in. Companies, whose actions and offering reflect their customers’ values. Since already today, for people it is not any longer about buying a service or a product. It is about being a part of the change.

We have gathered a collection of interesting needs that we consider impactful, interesting and relevant. Kuudes Watchlist emerges from the main themes of the Informed Consumer, our in-depth study done since 2008.

Kuudes Watchlist 2018