Who we are

Kuudes is a strategic brand design consultancy that specialises in creating strong concepts and customer experiences for all the brands we work with. A thorough understanding of consumers and the drivers of consumption choices are critical to our work, and compelled us to conduct an in-depth study of Finnish, and later also Swedish consumers and the trends that guide their consumption.

The Informed Consumer research team is a diverse group of professionals, with expertise ranging from strategy to digital design. In addition, our solid knowledge base is complemented by external experts, among others Arto O. Salonen, Adjunct Professor, Erika Tanos, Innovation Anthropologist, Cecilia Soler, Senior Lecturer Associate Professor, together with Norstat Ab and Designtutkimus Helsinki Oy.

How were the studies conducted?

Launched in 2013 and updated periodically in Finland, the both researches consist of both a quantitative and a qualitative parts. In the quantitative research a Best-Worst-Scaling method was used to outline different consumer groups. Respondents had to choose statements that best describe themselves. The method also revealed how important the statements are for each respondent. A variety of segments and the differences between them could clearly be identified. In 2013, one thousand and twenty-three respondents participated in the quantitative study, and in 2015, one thousand and fifty-two respondents participated, while in Sweden in 2016, one thousand and five respondents answered. The quantitative study was conducted by Designtutkimus Helsinki in co-operation with Norstat.

The qualitative part on the other hand consisted of in-depth interviews throughout both Finland and Sweden. These were conducted in the respondents’ homes, thirty-seven in 2013, eight in 2014/2015 and nine in 2016 in Finland, and thirty in Sweden in 2016. Our aim was to when visiting them cultivate a deep understanding of their real-life consumption motives.

Once both research parts were completed, we started creating future prospects through scenario work. The Finnish research was published in the following two journals: Kulutustutkimus.Nyt (2015) and International Journal of Marketing Studies (2014).



Publication of our study “8 windows on the future”
in association with TNS Gallup


Start of our study: “The Informed Consumer”
Qualitative interviews x 38 and quantitative
research n=1100


Release of “The Informed Consumer”


Publication in the International
Journal of Marketing Studies

December - January

Qualitative interviews x 8


Publication in Kuluttajatutkimus.Nyt


Release of first update


Quantitative research n=1100,
Qualitative interviews x 9


Release of second update

May 2016 - January 2017

“The Informed Consumer” in Sweden
Quantitative research n=1100,
Qualitative interviews x 30

What are the benefits?

The research results are thoroughly utilised in our work for a broad range of clients and we will happily present it to interested parties. We believe the trend with informed consumption is the most relevant and impactful trend at the moment, re-shaping all industries, affecting all brands.

If you are interested in this topic, do not hesitate to contact us!

Download the research presentation from Finland in English here.
Lataa Suomen tutkimusesittely suomeksi tästä.



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Salonen, A., Fredriksson, L., Järvinen, S., Korteniemi, P. & Danielsson, J. (2014). Sustainable consumption in Finland – the phenomenon, consumer profiles and future scenarios. International Journal of Marketing Studies, 6(4), 59-82. http://www.ccsenet.org/journal/index.php/ijms/article/view/36213