Ambitious people are driven by a desire to succeed. They are demanding consumers and punctilious about style.

Phenomenon: Experiences
Where other groups minimise, the Ambitious seek to maximise. They increasingly seek experiences, good service and aesthetic pleasures.

47 %
earn more than 50k/year
50 %
are under 40
20 %
have an academic degree
61.9 %
“experiences are more important than sustainable choices”
80.2 %
“when I buy products that really interest me, I choose top quality”
46 %
buy something online every month

There are now more women in this group, and it has grown younger.
The Ambitious have displayed surprising growth in seeking experiences. The younger average age of this group is visible in its need for shopping, experiences, creativity, aesthetics and novelty.
The group is beginning to form its own perspective and role with respect to responsibility.
Experiences. The Ambitious crave experiences and are willing to invest in them if they are unique and genuine. The service encounter is an integral part of an experience.
Idle time. The Ambitious work in large networks for professional reasons, and often seek a complete contrast to this in their leisure time. Ideally the appointments diary can be kept empty, even as hobbies become increasingly important. What does a life of experience amount to when an empty diary is the ideal?

Quality is nowadays even more important to the Ambitious who – in contrast with the Uncompromising – do not call it into question and remain ready to pay a premium. The quality perceptions of the Ambitious are worth monitoring.

Responsibility for the public economy. The Ambitous see value in supporting local businesses and domestic design products. For them it is important to be aware of the basis for product pricing. An aversion to cheap products does not keep the Ambitious away from the January sales. Boycotting convenience foods also reduces supply and demand, and improves public health.

A successful life focused on health. Sleep, nutrition and exercise are the factors that give us the vitality for work. Goals are set for the long term. For example unadulterated foods that are free of additives are viewed as an investment in healthy retirement.

Does the product or service arouse a sense of pride?
Is the expertise tangible in the service interaction?
Does it meet the quality criteria?
Does it support success and healthiness?