Autocrats seek to stand out from the crowd. Creativity and the latest trends are an integral part of their daily lives.

Phenomenon: Individuality
The quest for individuality remains at the core of the Autocratic character, as it always has been. This search for individuality nevertheless now appeals to a growing number of people, meaning that this formerly marginal group has expanded considerably.

47 %
live in rental apartments
59 %
are men
More than half
are under 40
years of age
66 %
“diversity is richness”
74 %
regularly follow commercial brands on YouTube
57 %
buy something on a mobile device every month

The group has grown substantially and become much younger.
Autocrats are firmly grounded in the current era, meaning that ethical and ecological values now strongly influence this group.
Health awareness has assumed a key role in the lives of Autocrats.
Identity. Consumer choices become an existential question for the Autocrat: Am I someone who can pack all of my belongings into one suitcase? Am I the kind of person who shops at H&M? What do I really need and what does it say about me? How can I avoid the mundane? What stimulating push can I make to get out of my comfort zone?
Young responsibility. This group now appeals to young people. The young have grown up amidst ecological issues, viewing responsibility as an ordinary fact of life. They are not even affected by growing price awareness. Basically they are unwilling to attach a lot of hype to responsibility.
Health. Autocrats seek harmony of body and mind. They are also increasingly interested in good food, and organic ingredients are part of this. Things come to the Autocrat in waves and tsunamis, and even health investments are not necessarily long-term.
Sensitivity. The general hardening of public attitudes is affecting Autocrats nowadays, necessitating occasional withdrawal from interaction, closure of social media and focus on the personal.
The tribe. A powerful need to stand out from the crowd does not make the Autocrat a lone wolf. Autocrats define themselves through a fixed personal tribe. The tribe is the wellspring of power and inspiration, providing support for realising vocational aspirations.
Is the product or service shocking, surprising, exclusive?
Is it genuinely and honestly branded?
Does the information travel in the right circles?
Can it be personalised?