The Curious are thirsty for knowledge, and are often inveterate DIY enthusiasts.

Phenomenon: The voice of reason
Of all groups, the Curious exemplify the voice of reason that makes highly rational choices. This is not merely a question of parsimony or addiction to cutting costs. The Curious give careful consideration to deciding when to save and when to invest.

62 %
are men
32 %
are single
60 %
earn 30-80k/year
85.1 %
“my life is my own. I’m not led by others”
32 %
regularly follow commercial brands on YouTube
73 %
think that quality is the most important point when buying interior product

Political and economic factors give the Curious cause for caution. They prefer the familiar and secure.

The Curious are no longer so keen to make a difference.

There are now more women in this group, and its age distribution has evened out, with middle-aged members now included in addition to the young and the elderly.

Caution. The Curious now reflect the general climate in society in the form of caution. Appreciation for diversity and the desire to make a difference are now on the wane. This group does not make green choices without conclusive grounds. The Curious are currently making more consumer choices that boost local.

Selective price and quality awareness is part of the rational character of the Curious. They are now investing less in basic purchases, even as appreciation for quality increases. The Curious are ready to choose a product regardless of price when they know that it is worth the financial investment.

Prioritising. The Curious do some things on autopilot in order to save time for essentials. They will stick to a familiar daily menu and eliminate time-consuming aspects from life by choosing not to buy a TV or tend the garden.

Sociability as an asset. The community is increasingly important to the Curious and friends are an important resource. A network is not an instrument to the Curious, but an end in itself.

Extremes. The Curious live at the extremes of price and quality, convenience foods and gourmet dining, total immersion and complete indifference. There is little room for the golden mean in their lives.

Is the product or service a rational choice?

Is it trendsetting?

Can the end-user be involved in the design process?

Will the information travel in the right circles?