Dreamers are eternal optimists who build castles in the sky, filling their lives with experiences, relationships and beauty.

Phenomenon: Moderation
The previous study already suggested that Dreamers were becoming aware of excessive consumption. This change has nevertheless been more rapid than was supposed. The material chaos of the Dreamer is more controlled than it was.

58 %
are women
Low income
62 %
live in cities
38 %
follow Facebook continually
59 %
shop at Lidl
Buying an average
of 9.6 products
online annually

Erstwhile shopaholics are now KonMari freaks.
There is more autonomy as Dreamers seek personalised solutions.
This group now includes more young people and fewer families with children.
Discerning and individual consumption. With dreamers now optimising their wardrobes, every purchase has to be meaningful. The Dreamer is seeking genuine experiences and a unique style. Mass fashions are tiresome. The shopper is guided by an inner vision inspired by styles seen in the street.
Price awareness.Dreamers have not substituted quality for quantity, but are simply more budget-conscious. They are good at finding discounts, regular customers at low-end shops, fans of flea markets, and more discerning buyers than they used to be. They know the perils of unwise purchasing and so they try to give more careful consideration to their choices, often biding their time until the sales begin.
Mainstreaming responsibility. Dreamers no longer regard responsibility as a chore, or they feel that they must make compromises for the sake of responsibility. They have grown accustomed to continual growth in supply.
A critique of online virtual experience is growing as this group seeks to set priorities in life. Dreamers are becoming aware of the time wasted on social media and of the deceptive ease of electronic commerce, but they remain one of the most active groups of online shoppers and users of social media.
Empathy. Bucking the general trend in many other groups, Dreamers increasingly appreciate diversity. They will typically take responsibility by spreading a general air of positivity and tolerance.
Does the product or service appeal to feelings?

Is it memorable and self-expressive?

Does the information reach trendsetters through social media?
Does it support mental or physical wellbeing?