The Achievers chase experiences, success and status. Approval from their peers is crucial to them.

10 %
earn more than 1 000 000 SEK/year
36 %
live with spouse and kid(s)
72 %
are under 50 years old
7 %
do not shop online
67 %
do not have a sense of insecurity due to the world situation
46 %
appreciate creativity and trendiness in everyday life

Seeking experiences and stimulation. The Achievers are open to new things and actively seek stimulation. They get easily excited about new things and go all-in when they find something inspiring. When consuming, they value experiences. When it comes to food, the experience of preparing food is part of the enjoyment, in addition to the taste experience.
Expensive = QualityThe Achievers appreciate aesthetics and the appeal of the brands they consume. They don’t want to buy the cheapest, so they would rather invest in expensive things because they feel they can trust and relate to those brands. The Achievers have the third highest income.

Active and social life. The Achievers travel a lot and have hobbies that can continue into retirement. They are social and their friends inspire and affect them. The Achievers believe in themselves and are happy with how they consume and their lives as they have moulded them. They have an optimistic outlook on their future financial situation.

Passive approach to responsible consumption. Some of The Achievers believe in consuming organically, while many others don’t even believe global warming is true. A part of this group finds the trend of responsible consumption annoying. They do not feel notably concerned for the world’s situation and their consumption is not affected by a need to make the world a better place.

Appearance and status is in focus, both concerning materials and looks. Trends and shopping stimulate their everyday lives. The Achievers identify strongly with their inner circle of friends and family, and are easily influenced by other people’s opinions.

Does the product or service express success and status?
Is the product or service a premium or luxury?
How does it provide inspiration and stimulation?