The Committed are strongly guided by their values. They are very worried about the world but get comfort from family life, home and community.


51 %
have a Master’s degree
67 %
are women
Their income level does not correlate with their education level
3 %
say that responsible consumption is an irritating phenomenon
62 %
cook at home 5-7 times a week
42 %
would like to spend less time online

Simple, everyday pleasures. Food and cooking is central to their lives and give them pleasure. Food is also linked to social interaction and is a source of inspiration for The Committed. The Committed make time for nice pastimes and hobbies, which range from knitting and football to video games and shopping.
Like-minded communities. The Committed are the most communal of all groups.  Some of The Committed base their own identity on ethical values. Belonging to a group that shares those values is important. The Committed have a sense of insecurity and that is why family, friends and communities are close to their hearts.
Weight of responsibility. The Committed are worried about the world, which is why they don’t feel truly happy. They know that there are still things to improve in the world, and they feel a sense of responsibility to fix them. However, this group consumes according to their values, which brings them a strong sense of meaning and purpose.
Ethical consumption. This group is the most responsible and they have different ways of expressing it, for example, through animal rights, human rights and avoiding chemicals. The Committed support local produce, and want real and natural products. They strive to buy things only when they need to and prefer to use recycled products, and they like to borrow and lend things.
Involved and influential. The Committed are involved in politics and communities. They believe one can affect society by making demands on retailers, producers, politicians, and by influencing those around them. The Committed are interested in new things, cultures and the world around them. They read the news and follow world events with a critical eye.
Is your brand transparent?
Can you offer meaning beyond problem-solving?

Does the product create a sense of community or belonging?