The Independent have clear priorities in life, they know what makes them happy and make choices accordingly.

46 %
live in couple’s households without kids
20 %
live alone
52 %
are under 50 years old
80 %
“Top quality is an essential factor when making consumption choices”
89 %
are perfectly or quite happy
69 %
seek genuine things, not mass products

Search for meaning. They want to do things that contribute to improving society’s wellbeing and simultaneously, their own. Volunteer work makes The Independent happy. Career choices are also affected by the desire for a meaningful and significant life. Meaningful choices = A good life.

The importance of services. The Independent simplify and prioritise their lives, and invest in services. Even though they are family-oriented people, they love their “me time” and they use services to make more free time. There is always time for self-indulgence.

Food for wellbeing. Organic and locally produced food appeals to The Independent. They support local producers. They feel that organic food is healthy and good for you.

Do the things you love. The rest of the world disappears when The Independent are doing the things they love, including hobbies, such as skydiving, sailing, woodworking, cultural activities etc. They are interested in the world around them and thoroughly research the topics they find the most interesting.

Less is more. Quality is everything for The Independent and they are willing to pay for it. When they buy the things that they really want, price doesn’t matter. Heritage and the story behind the product are important. The Independent have cut down on consumption step by step and they sell or recycle the things they don’t need.

Can you make the consumer influential?

Are you providing comprehensive information?

Is the product or service supported by professionals?