The Seekers look for balance between being uniquely creative and following the newest trends. Their lives are busy and sometimes filled with conflict.

9 %
live on the countryside
43 %
live in rental apartments
They are the youngest group
23 %
eat ready meals more than 3 times a week
57 %
use Snapchat
64 %
shop online at least once a month
Balancing out. The Seekers feel that their current actions and values are in conflict. They try to make up for perceived irresponsible choices by donating money or by avoiding products that are the cheapest and lowest quality.
Work as a way of life. The Seekers feel passionate about work and don’t feel the need to separate work and free time. Work is a method of self-expression for them. They feel pressure to differentiate themselves on a bigger scale, and the need to highlight their professionalism to keep up with front-runners.
Food is only a necessity. The Seekers are not interested in food trends, eating is just something you have to do. They want to spend their time in other ways than cooking or thinking about eating. If they have to save money, proper food is the first thing they are ready to sacrifice.
Concern for the future. The Seekers feel anxious about the world and its future. Their imaginations create apocalyptic visions of the future, and they can feel very small in the middle of it all. They are looking for meaning in life and something that they can lean on.
Trendy lifestyle. Appearance and keeping up with trends is important and, when The Seekers move to a new place, their wardrobe is the first thing that’s organised. The Seekers want to be part of the inside group and know who is who. Social media is one way to keep posted. At the same time, it’s a fine line between being unique and belonging to the trendy masses.
Are you following the latest trends or maybe creating new ones?
How can you make a mass product unique?
Are you active on social media?
Can you ease inner conflicts for the consumer?